An Effective Prospectus
Armed with An Effective Prospectus, you won't even need a broker; you'll be able do it all on your own.
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Rick Sanchez, Founder and General Manager
Rick Sanchez is an Internet era Renaissance man, drawing on a wide variety of technical, marketing and business skills. In addition to his activities for An Effective Prospectus, Rick is a vice president of IGN/GameSpy, the largest video gaming site on the Web, a nationally read technology writer, a successful Internet company founder, and an award-winning film maker and screenwriter.

Kristy Harris, Marketing Director
Kristy Harris was employee #1of An Effective Prospectus and is the engine behind it's success. Rick hand picked her to direct the company's marketing and product management efforts because of her extensive corporate communications and marketing background with top companies like Miller Freeman, Krames Health and Safety, and Philips Business Information. Kristy "gets" business needs, large and small, and has an uncanny ability to identify and build on a company's strengths. This skill has been applied successfully both to An Effective Prospectus and our many happy customers.
screenwriter. screenwriter.

Deanna Washington, Creative Director
Deanna Washington is the creative force behind our promotional materials and creative strategy. Aside from her stellar design career, Deanna has lived in Africa, run a marathon, coordinated a 17 x 70 foot mural, and authored The Language of Gifts: The Essential Guide to Meaningful Gift Giving (Conari Press, 2000).

Dave Bolick, Writer and Editor
Dave Bolick, copywriter extraordinaire, is responsible for most of the content on this site. Dave's been creating great copy for more than ten years, for companies ranging from small start-ups to huge corporate behemoths. To learn more about Dave's writing and editing services, you can visit him on the Web at

Lisa Barr, Editor and Proofreader

Lisa Barr has been copyediting and proofreading for 20 years and loves it. Her motto is “Leave no typo unfound.” With a B.A. in Liberal Arts and having studied Copyediting at U.C. Berkeley, she delved into the world of financial communications, legal documents, marketing and medical materials with clients including Wells Fargo, AOL, Starbucks, and Bank of America.

Nancy Depper, Editor and Proofreader
Nancy Depper has proofread and copyedited scores of books for clients including Microsoft Press, Apress Books, and Online Training Solutions, Inc. An eagle-eyed and nit-picky gal by nature, she is legendary in some circles for her habit of going through the Sunday paper and marking the grammar and punctuation errors. In addition to perfecting documents for An Effective Prospectus, Nancy is an award-winning writer and the author of four books of poetry.

Matt Kruse, Web Designer

Matt Kruse is responsible for the graphics and layout of this website.
Although he now primarily works in the digital realm, his roots stem from painting, drawing and printmaking. Past clients include large corporations, video game publishers and local San Francisco DJs. Matt's portfolio site can be found at

An Effective Prospectus is a classic entrepreneurial tale. It all began a few years ago when Rick Sanchez, a veteran of the Internet boom, decided he wanted to apply his Web expertise to an offline venture. What he found next surprised him. Out of the dozens of available businesses Rick looked into buying, not one had a decent sales prospectus.

At that moment, a light went on. Realizing that small-business owners lack the specialized skills to create these complex documents, Rick came up with a simple, yet powerful idea: Offer the services of a team of experts whose sole function is to create a distinct, compelling sales tool -- An Effective Prospectus!

Of course, An Effective Prospectus is about more than just a good-looking document; it's about saving tens of thousands of dollars in broker commissions. Armed with An Effective Prospectus, you won't even need a broker; you'll be able do it all on your own. And after all, isn't that what being in business for yourself is all about?

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