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We look forward to getting started on An Effective Prospectus just for you!
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Before we begin work on your sales prospectus, we need to know all about you and your business. That's why we ask you to fill out our information disclosure form. You can either fill out the online form or download a faxable form. To use the online form, just complete the questions in the spaces provided and click the ''submit intake form'' button below.

If you choose to use the faxable form, click the link above to download a PDF version. Please fill out the form completely. Then you can fax it to us at 650-679-9493.

We look forward to getting started on An Effective Prospectus just for you!


Business Name


Type of Business

Street Address

Mailing Address (if different than above)

Phone Number

Fax Number

Email Address

Website Address (URL)

What is your asking sales price?

How did you decide on this price?

How many years have you been in business?

How many years have you been at your current location?

Do you rent, lease, or own your location? Please give details on lease or rental agreement.

Tell us a little about the city in which the business is located.

Do you have any inventory? What kind of inventory, and is it included in the sale?

What assets (furniture, equipment, etc.) are included in the sale?

How many employees (not including owners) does your business employ?

Do the employees know about the sale? How do they feel?

Why are you selling this business?

What is your background and the background of any other owners or key employees?

Are you the first owner?

Why did you start or buy this business?

How many owners have there been, and for how long did they own the business?

How is the business held (corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership)?

Do you have any direct competition within a 20-mile radius?

Do you have any online competition?

Who buys your product or service?

What makes your product(s) or service unique compared to the competition?

Describe your current marketing and sales campaigns. Are they working?

What were your past marketing and sales campaigns? What were the results of these efforts?

Who are your top customers/clients/buyers?

Do you have testimonials or letters of recommendation? If not, which customers or clients can we contact for these?

Do you have a database of customers?

How do you keep track of your clients/customers?

How do you track where your sales come from?

What were your gross sales last year (total sales)?

What were your net sales last year (after expenses and taxes, not including owner compensation)?

What were your gross sales for this year so far (completed quarters)?

What are your net sales for this year so far (completed quarters)?

How much do you and the other owners receive in salary or as owner draws each year?

What other personal expenses do you pay for out of the business?

What is your method of accounting (accrual or cash) ?

How do you keep the books (QuickBooks, MYOB, another program, or by hand)?

Is your business logo in an electronic format?

Would you like us to contact you by phone or email to schedule your intake interview (choose one)?

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