An Effective Prospectus
It's an affordable, professional way to turn leads into qualified buyers and make that sale.
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An Effective Prospectus
You've put a great deal of time and effort into your business, but creating effective marketing materials to recoup your investment is time-consuming to say the least.

A clear, concise, professionally written sales prospectus can help turn prospects into buyers, but it can also be challenging to create. And you still have to worry about running your business. That's why we developed An Effective Prospectus, the best way to get top dollar for your company.

Can I skip the business broker altogether?
Many sellers are choosing to eliminate the broker and pocket what they would have paid in commissions. You can easily do everything a broker would do. You can post your own ads on the Internet and you can buy software or hire an accountant to determine the market value of your business.

Even if you do choose to hire a broker, you still might have to develop your own sales prospectus. And if it looks sloppy and unprofessional, your potential buyers will conclude that you're sloppy and unprofessional about running your business. Not good!

That's where An Effective Prospectus comes in. It's the affordable, professional way to turn leads into qualified buyers and close a deal quickly. An Effective Prospectus gives your potential buyers all the information they need in a professionally researched, written, and formatted sales document that's custom-designed for your business.

An Effective Prospectus is ...

... Professional
Remember, when potential buyers see your sales prospectus, it's all they know about you. A carelessly prepared sales prospectus sends the message that you're careless about running your business. That's why it's critically important to give them a professional-looking document. An Effective Prospectus not only emphasizes the strengths of your business but also sends the message that you're a professional.

... Customized
Your business is unique, and your sales materials should be, too. That's why we create every sales prospectus from scratch, presenting your business in the best possible light. There are plenty of books and computer programs available to tell you how to value and sell your business, but you'd still have to do the research and writing yourself. The experts at An Effective Prospectus will do all the researching, writing, and formatting for you.

... Cost-Effective
A business broker will take an 8-15% slice of your proceeds, which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Given all the work you still have to do, is using a broker really worth up to 15% of your money?

... Fast
Writing your own sales prospectus could take weeks or even months. We'll deliver An Effective Prospectus in just five business days. First, you'll provide basic information on your business by filling out our intake form. Then we'll gather more extensive information from you via a telephone interview. After the interview, we'll research your industry, assemble your business documentation, and write An Effective Prospectus just for you. Then, we'll have it professionally proofread and delivered to you just five business days after your phone intake interview. After you review your sales prospectus, we'll make any necessary revisions according to your feedback and deliver the final, customized sales prospectus to you just one business day later.

... Error-Free
A professional sales prospectus is also error-free. Nothing makes a potential buyer more nervous than typos, grammatical errors, and inappropriate punctuation. Each sales prospectus is carefully proofread for mistakes to show that you take the process seriously.

For just $499, we'll complete An Effective Prospectus just for you and email it to you as a PDF file attachment within five business days of your phone intake interview. You don't have to worry about paying until after we've reviewed your intake form and completed your phone interview. Then we'll ask for 50% down ($249.50) and get started on your customized sales prospectus. We accept checks and credit cards!

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