An Effective Prospectus
An Effective Advertisement and An Effective Cover Letter help you make an even stronger impression.
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With An Effective Prospectus just for you, you'll be well on your way to getting the best possible price for your business without handing over a huge chunk of the proceeds to a broker. These two powerful tools can help you make an even stronger impression ...


If you're like most business owners, you know your business inside and out, but you'd probably have a tough time describing your enterprise in a concise, persuasive ad. Check out any of the websites devoted to small businesses for sale, and you'll see what we mean. Think about it -- would you want to buy a business from an owner who can't be bothered to create a decent ad?

You can avoid this costly mistake with a persuasive, professionally written advertisement, focusing on the essentials your potential buyers need to know before contacting you for more information. You can use this indispensable selling tool in print, on the Web, in your own mailings, anywhere!


After you start getting leads from An Effective Advertisement, An Effective Cover Letter is the perfect way to introduce yourself and your sales prospectus. An Effective Cover Letter personalizes the interaction right from the start. Here's how.

An Effective Cover Letter:

  • Thanks potential buyers for their interest
  • Lets them know how excited you are about your business
  • Tells them that you'll follow up soon to discuss why your business is an unbeatable opportunity

Together, An Effective Advertisement and An Effective Cover Letter complete the An Effective Prospectus package, making sure you get the best possible price by making the best possible impression on your potential buyers. We'll deliver copies of your advertisement and cover letter for your approval along with your customized An Effective Prospectus. Easy! And at just $69 each, they're a great value.
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